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Airbrush Make-up


Old, dirty latex sponges, unhygienic powder puffs and brushes that require constant cleaning are becoming obsolete because they are being replaced by a new and modern applications technique – Airbrushing!

Airbrush make-up has long been the celebrities’ best kept secret! But now you can have the star treatment by having airbrush make-up done for your wedding or function. Airbrush was designed for the demanding needs of film, television and high definition. Leading make-up artists around the world use airbrush systems because of the flawless coverage. High Definition is finding its way into our personal lives through our cameras, video cameras and soon our cell phones! Be the star of your own High Definition world and treat yourself to airbrush make-up.

Advantages of Airbrush Make-up

Airbrush make-up is ultra hygienic and fast. It has a huge advantage over sponge and brush as it guarantees a natural result with smooth and even coverage that is also long lasting and smudge-proof. Airbrush make-up will camouflage skin defects, yet remain practically invisible. The skin breathes easily because the make-up doesn’t cover the pores or over stimulate the sebum glands. Airbrushing is fast and cuts the traditional application time in half. Make-up lessons and workshops available, contact the studio for more information and pricing.